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Room Hire

We welcome enquiries about booking our rooms for a wide variety of activities throughout the week. We have spaces for large and small gatherings, formal and informal meetings. Audio visual facilities and live streaming can be made available on request.

For details and availability contact: 

We will do our best to respond within 48 hours (Monday to Friday)

Room Hire Charges from September 2023


Hourly charges unless stated otherwise.


Church Sanctuary ( inc. up to 120 chairs )
Hire: £30.00 per hour
+ Use of Organ or Piano or Audio - Visual Equipment (+ £15.00 )
+ Use of the kitchenette during event ( + £15.00 )
+ Tuning piano before an event (+ £90.00 )
+ Setting up of furniture before or after an event (+ £30.00 )

Downstairs hall with use of the kitchen: Hire: £30.00 per hour
Downstairs hall without catering facilities: Hire: £15.00 per hour
Upstairs hall: Hire: £15.00 per hour
Seminar room: Hire: £10.00 per hour



All charges may be amended, at the discretion of the administrator or treasurer, in particular cases e.g., charity organisations.


A minimum of one hour will be applied to bookings.

Upstairs hall


Seminar Room


Downstairs hall


Church Sanctuary

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